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GPS Mapping Technologies - DeLorme

DeLorme World Base Map
World Base Map
The New Standard in Worldwide Mapping
At last, a seamless base map made by one mapmaking company. No need to worry about disconnected boundaries or mismatched scales.
Data Formats
  • DeLorme XMap
  • ESRI: shapefile, personal geodatabase, file geodatabase
Data Projections
  • DeLorme Equirectangular (available in XMap only)
  • Universal Transverse Mercator
  • National Grid
  • Military Grid Reference System
  • WGS Lat/Long
  • NAD 27
  • NAD 83
  • WGS84
DeLorme World Base Map
The DeLorme World Base Map is a complete global data set with horizontal accuracy of +/- 50 meters.
The World Remapped from the Ground Up. DeLorme has applied a rich cartographic look and feel to create a seamless view of the world, combining accurate object placement and projection with a compelling topographic visualization of the Earth. The data has a consistent level of detail and reliable horizontal accuracy for all features worldwide. Comparisons of the DeLorme World Base Map to competitor data, especially in developing regions, prove the advantages of the DeLorme World Base Map in currency, positional accuracy, and level of detail.
Unparalleled Relevant Detail and Functions. The DeLorme World Base Map is topological, routable, and GPS-navigable. It accurately portrays major transportation layers, inland and shoreline hydrography, agreed and disputed jurisdiction boundaries, and major geographic features. The DeLorme World Base Map uses the Shuttle Radar Terrain Model to display digital elevation and create 3-D models.

Transportation Layers
Extensive GPS-Navigable Road Network
  • Roads
    • » Highways
    • » Connectors
    • » Local Roads
  • Railroads
    • » Active
    • » Abandoned
  • Airports, Runways

Topographic Layers
  • Hydrography – linear and polygonal
    • » Perennial
    • » Intermittent
  • Shoreline
  • Urban Areas
  • Land Use/Land Cover
    • » Wetlands
    • » Dry salt flats
    • » Perennial snowfields
    • » Forest combined
  • Elevation Data
    • » Spot elevation
    • » Gridded elevation
  • Boundaries
    • » International and regional
    • » Disputed