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About XMap 8 GIS Enterprise
XMap 8 GIS Enterprise
Enterprise GIS Database Management
and Deployment Software
Encourage accurate Field Data Collection using XMap 8 Professional with access to your geo-data anywhere, anytime.
Regular Price: $1,500
Affordable Full-Featured GIS with Field Data Collection
  • Create XMap Forms supporting field data collection. Works with existing 3rd- party forms and documents to match your business processes
  • Synchronize GIS data deployment and collected field data with a central GIS database
  • Includes a full-featured GIS with GIS point, line, and polygon CAD tools, spatial queries, and Coordinate Geometry Support
  • Import ESRI shapefiles, AutoCAD DXF files, Excel spreadsheets, CSVfiles, MrSID & GeoTIFF files, scanned images, and GPX files
  • Includes Form Support for the Earthmate GPS PN-Series – Push Forms to the PN-Series, collect data, synchronize with the central XMap database
GIS Database Management
  • Automatically distribute GIS Data throughout your mobile workforce
  • Provide GIS layers access to your central GIS database for your field technicians
  • Encourage accurate data collection or verification
  • Set form constraints and drop-down fields based on GIS database attributes or override
  • Synchronize remote databases. Apply check-out/check-in controls to protect database integrity
  • ArcSDE 9.3 import support for more efficient access to Corporate GIS databases
  • XMap GIS Enterprise enables the "Data Deployment Skeleton Key" for mass distribution of PN-Series usable datasets
  • NEW – Earthmate PN-Series GPX file support. Turn your PN-60 into a USB device for easy GPX file access
  • Share GIS views and GIS Queries for better decisions in the field
Information Technology Features
  • Corporate IT installation support with expanded permissions options and customizable network deployment options, including MSI support
  • Vista & Windows 7 compliant for user permissions set-up
Automation through XMap Application Programming Interface
  • XMap API automation support for Form creation and deployment
  • Automate map processes with API access to routing, GPS navigation, and Map Control
Affordable XMap 8 offers field data collection for the mobile field force. XMap 8 merges the power of XMap GIS database management with the rugged and affordable Earthmate PN-Series GPS device.
  • ArcSDE 9.3 Support for large GIS database access from the field
  • XMap Forms fully enabled by XMap GIS Enterprise administrators
  • Setup customized forms within XMap that match your business requirements
  • Push Forms to the Earthmate PN-Series GPS Handheld
  • Synchronize field-collected data with XMap OpenSpace DB
  • Enhanced symbol support for Oil & Gas and Wind Energy
  • Embedded Document Support. Work with 3rd party documents
  • GPS Radar Enhancements. Search for GIS objects within a radius range
  • PN-Series: Easily Import collected GPS data directly into XMap GIS tab
  • PN-Series: Cut individual GIS layers to the PN-Series for field work
  • PN-Series: Synchronize field data collection Forms to the PN-Series
  • PN-Series: New symbolization options for the PN Series
  • PN-Series: GPX file format support. Save GPX log files to SD Cards
  • Polygon Edge Matching Tool: Merge polygons with three quick mouse clicks
  • Faster GIS Database Synchronization Tools
  • KML Support: Export XMap point, line, polys, and bitmps to KML formats
  • XMap OpenSpace DB now supports Microsoft SQL 2008
  • XMap 8 supports New DeLorme World Base Map Vector Data – 1:250,000 map of the entire world!
  • XMap 8 supports New! USA/Canada Street Level 2010
XMap 8 Forms (sold separately) offers GIS administrators the opportunity to build customizable electronic forms that affordably automate field data collection supporting business practices.
Note: XMap Forms are sold separately from standard XMap software titles, and require one seat of XMap GIS Enterprise to implement.
Forms Administration and Set Up. XMap GIS administrators can develop field data collection forms that match an organization's GIS database attribution. These attribution constraints are converted into XMap Form drop down fields that simplify data entry for field data collectors. XMap Forms can be developed from scratch or customized to work with your existing business work flow. In addition, XMap Forms supports embedded documents – embed word documents or pic files - into your business forms for added clarity in the field.
Collecting Field Data with XMap Forms. XMap Forms help direct a mobile field force to collect exactly the information a business requires to operate effectively. It is designed to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of field data collection across the enterprise, and automatically includes an accurate GPS position within the field-collected attributes. XMap Forms is sold as an optional add-on module to standard XMap GIS software titles. An enterprise GIS administrator is required to own one seat of XMap 8 GIS Enterprise, which includes the form builder and enables database synchronization across the network. XMap Forms can be used by other XMap users, or pushed to Earthmate PN-60 GPS handheld users.

Or call 207-846-7000 and ask to speak with a DeLorme Professional Sales representative
Minimum System Requirements
  • Microsoft® Windows XP, SP2 with 512 MB RAM (1 GB+ recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista™ Business, or Ultimate: 1 GB RAM (2 GB+ recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Business, or Ultimate: 1 GB RAM (2 GB+ recommended)
  • 1.5 GHz or higher processor (1.5 GHz+ Dual Core recommended)*
  • 2 GB of available hard-disk space (3 GB+ recommended). Note: 4.1 GB of available hard disk space required to install phone data for all regions (can be run from DVD)
  • 3D-capable video card with 64 MB VRAM (128 MB+ recommended)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.02 or later
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher
* XMap 8.0 does not support the AMD Athlon XP family of microprocessors. It does support the AMD Athlon 64 family. XMap 8.0 supports all Intel® CPUs 1.5GHz or higher processors. XMap Forms are only supported on IE 7.0 or higher
About Enterprise Database Management
XMap 8 GIS Enterprise offers a powerful set of tools for efficiently managing XMap GIS databases, including field data collection on laptops and on Earthmate PN devices, as well as providing field technicians with easy access to critical data layers. This innovative data management system ensures that field personnel always have the most up-to-date GIS data and that the corporate database reflects field-collected changes - accurate, seamless, easy, and affordable.
Enterprise Database Management Functionality
ArcSDE Support
XMap 8 GIS Enterprise offers direct access to vector data layers stored in ArcSDE databases. Support is now extended to ArcGIS Server 9.3. GIS administrators are able to easily import their corporate GIS data into XMap GIS Enterprise, and ultimately share this critical data with users of all versions of XMap 8.
XMap Forms (sold separately)
In addition to XMap's standard GIS tools, XMap 8 GIS offers administrators the ability to build customizable electronic forms that affordably automate field data collection, automatically including an accurate GPS position within the field-collected attributes.
  • Designed to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of field data collection across the enterprise
  • XMap Forms is sold as an optional add-on module to standard XMap GIS software titles
  • An enterprise GIS administrator is required to own one seat of XMap 8 GIS Enterprise, which includes the form builder, and enables database synchronization across the network
  • XMap Forms can be used by other XMap users or pushed to Earthmate PN-60 GPS Handheld users
  • XMap Forms are HTML based, and include an API toolkit to assist in building custom forms. Use the Forms API toolkit to set up automatic form field data acquisition
Database Synchronization
Using XMap 8 GIS Enterprise, GIS administrators can establish a synchronization process to provide data layers to users of XMap 8 Professional, and automate field collected updates to the central database.
Through the click of a button, field personnel will be automatically provided with the latest version of layer or layers for which a subscription has been set up. This guarantees that field crews will have continuous access to all updates and data corrections without the need to manually distribute and import the appropriate layers each day.
Database synchronization of field-collected data can be extended to both laptop and PN-Series GPS handheld users in the field.
Check-Out - Check-In
XMap 8 GIS Enterprise can be used to initiate a check-out process whereby user-defined tiles within data layers of the central XMap GIS database are copied and assigned to users of XMap 8 GIS Editor.
Checked-out areas in the original layer are locked for editing; while both the geometry and attribution of the copied tiles can be independently updated in the field or in the office using XMap 8 GIS Editor. After adjustments are complete, the assigned data can be reviewed and checked-in by XMap 8 GIS Enterprise administrators.
Upon acceptance, the updated tiles will replace the original data for the assigned section.
Data administrators using XMap 8 GIS Enterprise can issue redline subscriptions via email to field technicians using XMap 8 Professional. In the field, annotations, such as text, lines, or polygons, are added to the map to note any measured or observed updates that should be applied to the original data.
Enterprise data administrators can then review these reline layers superimposed on the corporate GIS layers and modify the data as needed. Redlining benefits field users who are not authorized to make GIS edits but require the ability to view GIS map data, make paperless communications of map inaccuracies, and apply GPS navigation.
Additional Database Features
XMap 8 GIS Enterprise also provides a database management tool to administer permissions and provide back-up/restore options to database users.
GPS Features
GPS Handheld with Full-Featured GIS Software for Laptop PCs
  • XMap 8 version includes Earthmate GPS PN-Series support. New enhanced exchange desktop data views with the handheld GPS including topographic maps, aerial imagery and your GIS project views
  • Export XMap created data collection forms to the PN-Series
  • Exchange tracks and waypoints as GPX files
  • The DeLorme Earthmate GPS LT-40 USB Ready GPS receiver turns a laptop PC into a powerful GPS navigator. Ideal for mobile workforces who want to use their own important GIS data in the field with a powerful routing and GPS capability. Earthmate LT-40 is DeLorme's lowest cost GPS receiver – USB ready out-of-the-box plug and play laptop GPS navigation.
GPS Waypoint Exchange for Handheld GPS
Use the automatic route generation tool to create the route you want without hand-drawing each object. Then exchange this track log to your handheld GPS receiver and bring the information with you into the field. Bring your field data back into the desktop software from your GPS receiver to see where you have been. Supports Garmin, Magellan, and most other NMEA-compliant receivers.
GPS Track Playback
Create a route along your favorite trail, right-click on the trail and Save as GPS Track File. Open the GPS tab, switch to 3-D mode using the DeLorme USA Topographic data set, and play back the log file showing various icons moving along the trail.
PDA Mapping with Bluetooth GPS
Using included XMap handheld navigation software you can bring your maps and software with you on Pocket PC, Palm OS, and Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 devices. Add Earthmate GPS Blue Logger for real-time and log file playback – ideal for mobile workforces
Flexible Print Functionality
Present your current project or communicate your business strategies within a geographic context by creating striking full-size presentation pieces from any plotter or large-format printer. Mural-mapping tools also let you assemble multiple regular prints into one large mural map using an everyday printer.
Core Functions
  • Import, create, and edit vector GIS layers from a variety of sources, including AutoCAD (.dxf, .dwg) ESRI (.shp), MapInfo (.mif, .tab), and more
  • Import ESRI geo-databases for field or office use within XMap with ArcSDE support
  • Includes full coordinate geometry input and command-line tools for the automatic bulk geo-data importing
  • Create or edit GIS draw files using the Annotation Tool Bar
  • Build advanced SQL queries and share them with your constituents
  • Publish your GIS data to the Web for password-protected or open viewing (XMap Web site is an additional fee following initial 30-day trial)
Apply new database controls to empower your mobile work force: XMap Forms for field data collection, redlining, database synchronization and check-out/in controls. Build spatial and attribute queries and create buffer zones to analyze the spatial patterns in your data. Use the new customizable tool bar to access geometric and topological editing tools. Share your GIS data through file exporting or publish your layers to an interactive online XMap Web site.
Image Registration
XMap GIS Enterprise ships with a full-featured image registration module offering multi-point registration for the most accurate registration of your images, sketches, and blue prints. Includes masking and color control for flexibility in merge imagers with maps.
Options Tool Bar Button
Control your map display including grid and coordinate system display options through the new Options tool bar button. Includes selection of U.S. National Grid Display complete with new grid and zone identifiers.
Data Import
Use the Automatic Bulk Geo-data import tool to Geo-code addresses and lat/lon databases directly into GIS layers. Access command-line import/export tools with batch modes and limit controls for automation of your repetitive data work.
Map Controls
The maps can be controlled using a variety of methods, including the traditional push-button zooming, which drills in/out while keeping the map exactly centered. Also, holding down the left mouse button enables you to drag and zoom, left-to-right, across the map, and moving the mouse in the same manner but in the opposite direction zooms out.
Choose How Your Map Looks—2-D, 3-D, with or without shaded relief, contour lines, road data, and almost any of the underlying map attributes are controllable. Quickly compare aerial or satellite imagery with topographic quad maps or vector maps using XMap's split-screen viewing option.
DeLorme employs several powerful search capabilities within the software. The first is a simple box called QuickSearch where you type common requests including towns, cities, lakes, mountains, lat/lons, ZIP codes, street addresses and many more to receive the quickest possible matches.
The Advanced Search helps clarify more complex searches to provide the bets possible results.
Use new GPS Radar functionality to view GIS objects at a set distance from your GPS position as you drive.
Full-range of annotation tools include professional symbol sets, your own created symbols or bitmaps, draw freehand or use line tools, plus add text with all fonts and colors. With a vector base data set you can draw in custom, routable roads.
Display bearing, leg length, and total distance as you draw a line on the map. If you complete a polygon, you'll see its area and perimeter with measurements shown.
Right-click on the map to learn more about what's underneath your cursor. Lat/Lon, names of streets and bodies of water can be viewed in this manner. Moreover, the bottom toolbar of the software displays a continuously updated readout of what's underneath your cursor. Copy and paste Info Tab data into other applications.
Attaching Images, Web URLs, and Other Documents
Add your own images, live Web URLs, and diagrams and documents to the maps. Embed photos and diagrams showing fleet personnel what they will find at each location. Embed URLs next to your important stops on the maps for easy access when additional information is needed or updated online.
Select from Five Different Coordinate Systems
Includes State Plane, Military Grid, UTM/UPS, Degree/Minute/Second, and the Updated U.S. National Grid
Interface Tab Manager
Display only the function tabs you need in XMap for ease-of-use and efficiency.
Info Tab
View full Census 2000 demographic and economic data instantly to complete your analysis of a location.
Automatic Routing
Route from point-to-point with all map datasets. Address-to-address routing available with selected street-level datasets. Insert multiple stops to plan ideal itineraries.
Add Local Roads to Routing
A DeLorme exclusive, this is the best way to update local roads when new developments are planned or added between DeLorme software releases. This tool is located within the Draw tab and lets you draw in the road segment, connecting it to another local road within the database. Assign a name, save it, and when you create automatic routes, the software is smart enough to include these new local roads in the routing calculations and also update the directions.

  • Laptop Convenience & Flexibility
    Navigate in real-time on 2-D and 3-D topographic maps using your laptop PC.
  • Add Aerial Imagery and Preview Terrain
    Download FREE aerial imagery and GPS navigate on both imagery and maps. Profile steep climbs in advance and avoid certain roads for off-road travels.
  • More than Street Maps
    GPS using a blend of USGS topographic maps, updated street maps, and aerial imagery
  • The Most Complete Selection of Data and Imagery Options
    In addition to the highly-detailed Topo USA and DeLorme Street Network maps, you can access a wide variety of indispensable map, chart, and imagery choices from USGS, NOAA, and other sources.

  • NOAA Nautical Chart
  • NEW! Now Over 4 Million Places of Interest from Trusted DeLorme Products
    Now ALL your trip planning information is at hand, from travel to a trailhead, to campgrounds, fishing spots, and provisioning on your way, including
    • From Street Atlas USA®
      attractions, lodgings, restaurants, stores, post offices, much more.
    • From the Atlas & Gazetteer™ series
      boat ramps, campgrounds, fishing and hunting spots, unique natural features.
  • GPS to Natural Landmarks
    Visit national parks, forests, trails, public lands, mountains, lakes, rivers, and other included outdoors locations.
A Powerful GPS for Large-Screen Laptop & UMPC Navigation
The LT-40 has robust GPS capabilities, including NEW driver-view "NavMode" in 3-D or 2-D, and GPS navigation with voice commands & spoken directions. Plugs into the USB port of Laptop & Ultra-Mobile PCs.
Sold separately. Requires XMap or another DeLorme software title.
One of the smallest on the market, measuring just 1 7/8" w x 2 5/8" h x 9/16" thick.
Comes with an attached 5' cable with a suction cup on the cable designed to hold the GPS against the windshield or on the dash for optimum performance. Just plug the other end of the cable into the USB port of your laptop PC or UMPC.
Best to avoid rapid and far-ranging temperature extremes, bringing the GPS indoors when not in use, just as you would a cell phone. The yellow reflective casing helps reduce high temperatures while on the dash.
Earthmate GPS LT-40 Specs:
  • NMEA-compliant 16-channel receiver
  • WAAS-enabled
  • STMicroelectronics new high-sensitivity Teseo chipset featuring DeLorme ConstantLocktm technologies for outstanding time-to-first-fix and signal retention
  • Cold start: < 39 seconds
  • Warm start: < 34 seconds
  • Hot start: < 3 seconds
  • Supply requirements: 90mA (through USB connector)
  • Maximum Velocity: 1000 knots
  • Advanced high-sensitivity algorithms for superior tracking in urban environments
  • Initial acquisition sensitivity down to -149dBm
  • Weak signal tracking down to -159dBm
  • Proprietary Kalman filter for enhanced position accuracy
  • Superior noise rejection for high EMI environments
  • Environmental Characterisitics:
    • » Operating temperature range -40 ºC to +85 ºC
    • » Storage temperature range -55 ºC to +100 ºC

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